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Small Claims Court

The Small Claims Court is a less formal branch of the Superior Court of Justice that has jurisdiction to hear actions where the amount of money or the value of property in dispute is $25,000 or less. This court is primarily organized and structured to create a more accessible and consumer friendly judicial system for average litigants to try and settle their differences without lawyer involvement, if they so choose. In this court, the party bringing the action is referred to as the Plaintiff and the party against whom the action is brought is referred to as the Defendant. In order to understand the procedures of this court, one must turn their attention to the Rules of Small Claims Court (the “Rules”) which instructs litigants on how to proceed with their actions or how to defend themselves if an action is brought against them.  These Rules help litigants understand what is expected from them under the court system and the parameters under which a court action in this court are initiated and followed. For example, the Rules instruct litigants on what must be included in a typical Plaintiff’s Claim, how to serve documents on opposing parties, and how to amend the parties documents (referred to as pleadings) if changes are needed.

In a typical action, a Plaintiff commences an action by filing with the court their claim containing sufficient evidence describing their loss and how the Defendant is at fault. Next, the Plaintiff must serve the Plaintiff’s claim on the Defendant, which often times has to be done by getting someone to formally serve the documents on the Defendant face to face. Once the Defendant has been served with the claim, the Defendant has twenty (20) days to file a Defence if the Defendant has been served within Ontario. If a Defense is filed, a Settlement Conference is then held within 90 days. At the Settlement Conference, the parties, with the assistance of a trial judge, briefly explain the merits of their case with a view to reaching a mutually acceptable compromise. If the parties are unable to reach a settlement, a trial will be necessitated upon one of the parties requesting a trial date from the clerk of the court.

At Randall Johns Law Office Professional Corporation, we provide assistance to both Plaintiffs and Defendants who are either currently engaged in Small Claims Court actions or who are considering commencing a claim. For further assistance or to inquire further regarding the Small Claims Court, please contact Kristofer D. Evans who will be happy to schedule an appointment to discuss with you your options and to answer your questions more clearly.

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