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We are a small, focused law firm, serving clients in the areas of Civil Litigation, Corporate Law, Family Law, Wills and Estates, Landlord and Tenant Board and Real Estate.

While we believe most lawyers and law firms share the key values of our profession, we believe what makes us unique is our ability to provide the benefit of experience, knowledge, and cost effectiveness in one package.

Our firm focuses on personal and interactive service; working with our clients rather than simply for our clients to obtain the desired results. With that said, we cannot be effective without the knowledge necessary to provide sound advice and innovative options. We continually upgrade our knowledge and skills and participate in training above and beyond the requirements of the profession.

Real Estate

The office carries on an active practice in residential and commercial real estate.

In residential purchases and sales, if the deal is private we can help with the drafting of the Offer to Purchase to ensure all of the important issues are addressed. From the viewpoint of the buyers, these include talking about the benefits of including a home inspection clause, the need to consider whether the Offer should be conditional on financing even though the buyers may be pre-approved, the questions the buyers will need to answer to obtain house insurance, the need to contact the various utilities to set up accounts and to confirm that arrangements have been made for closing readings and the lender’s requirement for a title insurance policy.

For those buyers and sellers working with a realtor, we will meet with the client to discuss all of the steps between signing the offer and moving in. Many of the issues are the same as in a private deal, but the parties will have been educated about them by the realtor before we become aware of the transaction.

In both private and realtor controlled deals, we also work out a detailed cash flow for our clients, early on, so there are no surprises on closing.

In commercial transactions, the process is more complicated. Often we are involved in the drafting of the Offer to ensure all of the relevant issues are included. Some of the more important matters include zoning and use, both current and proposed, and the environmental status of the property. This may require a historical search of both land registry records and other sources such as public archives. Another issue is whether there are tenants in the property and, if so, the terms of the lease or leases. If equipment or inventory will be included additional searches will need to be done to ensure no third party has an interest in those items.

If you would like more information regarding residential real estate, please contact Randall V. Johns, Kristofer D. Evans or Bobbi Brescacin who would be happy to meet with you to discuss any further questions you may have. If you would like more information regarding commercial real estate, please contact Randall V. Johns who will be happy to discuss this area further with you.