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Landlord & Tenant Board

The Residential Tenancies Act (the “RTA”) is the predominant piece of legislation that governs most residential tenancies and establishes the rights and responsibilities for tenants and landlords. The RTA also sets out the procedures that must be followed when disputes and difficulties arise. The RTA applies to residential rental units despite any other Act and despite any agreement or waiver to the contrary executed between the parties unless the tenancy falls under one of the exemptions listed in Section 5 of the RTA.  

The Landlord and Tenant Board (the “Board”) is a quasi-judicial Board with exclusive jurisdiction to determine all applications that are brought by either a landlord or a tenant. The Board has several functions ranging from acting as a simple supplier of information to either a landlord or tenant who has general questions regarding the interpretation of the RTA to being the adjudicator (decision-maker) when either a landlord or a tenant believes their rights and/or responsibilities have been interfered with or infringed under the RTA. Applications brought by a landlord could include, an application brought for failure by the tenant to pay rent, an application brought as the result of the tenant willfully and/or negligently damaging the rental unit and an application brought for drug-related illegal acts that are conducted at the rental unit. On the other hand, the applications brought by the tenant could include, the landlord charging the tenant an illegal rent or charge, or the landlord illegally entering the rental unit without following the necessary procedures under the RTA.

At Randall Johns Law Office Professional Corporation, we provide assistance to both landlords and tenants, but dedicate a substantial part of our practice to aiding landlords with the preparation of their applications and to representing them in front of the Landlord and Tenant Board. For further assistance or to inquire further regarding the Landlord and Tenant Board and/or the Residential Tenancies Act please contact Kristofer D. Evans who would be happy to schedule an appointment to discuss with you your options and to answer your questions more clearly.

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