Welcome to Randall Johns Law Office

We are a small, focused law firm, serving clients in the areas of Civil Litigation, Corporate Law, Family Law, Wills and Estates, Landlord and Tenant Board and Real Estate.

While we believe most lawyers and law firms share the key values of our profession, we believe what makes us unique is our ability to provide the benefit of experience, knowledge, and cost effectiveness in one package.

Our firm focuses on personal and interactive service; working with our clients rather than simply for our clients to obtain the desired results. With that said, we cannot be effective without the knowledge necessary to provide sound advice and innovative options. We continually upgrade our knowledge and skills and participate in training above and beyond the requirements of the profession.


In Canada, Family Law impacts more people than any other area of law combined. If you think about it, chances are that you know someone who has been or is currently involved in a family law dispute.

Separations and the fall of out of relationship breakdown can be emotionally and financially taxing. However, our office can provide you with a cost effective approach to family law based on your individual legal needs and a focus on obtaining the best result possible through negotiation, mediation or court proceedings, if required.

After an initial meeting, you will have knowledge about your rights and obligations under the law, how it applies to your situation and how to proceed to enforce those rights and meet those obligations.

Our lawyers can provide with either a one-time consultation or can guide you at each step of the process to ensure you can make important decisions based on current case law and legislation. We can also help you determine which court, the Superior Court of Justice or the Ontario Court of Justice, is the correct forum to deal with your situation.

Our office can help with all aspects of Family Law including but not limited to:

• Cohabitation Agreements and Domestic Contracts

• Separation Agreements

• Divorce

• Child Custody

• Access

• Child and Spousal Support

• Property Division

• Mediation

• Restraining Orders

• Child Protection proceedings

• Trials

For further assistance or to inquire further regarding family law issues please contact Claudia C. Belda who would be happy to schedule an appointment to discuss and conduct a thorough review of your case, provide honest answers to your questions, and explain what we can do to help you.

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