Welcome to Randall Johns Law Office

We are a small, focused law firm, serving clients in the areas of Civil Litigation, Corporate Law, Family Law, Wills and Estates, Landlord and Tenant Board and Real Estate.

While we believe most lawyers and law firms share the key values of our profession, we believe what makes us unique is our ability to provide the benefit of experience, knowledge, and cost effectiveness in one package.

Our firm focuses on personal and interactive service; working with our clients rather than simply for our clients to obtain the desired results. With that said, we cannot be effective without the knowledge necessary to provide sound advice and innovative options. We continually upgrade our knowledge and skills and participate in training above and beyond the requirements of the profession.

Civil Litigation

At Randall Johns Law Office, we offer a variety of different services when it comes to Civil Litigation. Whether it’s a contract that went awry, an estate litigation matter, a real property assessment appeal, a construction lien matter, or the appeal of a previous court decision to name only a few, we provide assistance, support and logical advice throughout the process.

At the very beginning of any litigation matter, we sit down with the client and canvass what the client can expect throughout the pre-hearing and hearing process. This includes a description of the possible benefits of informal discussions with the opposing party to try to come to a settlement outside of the formal confines of the court process, as well as, a discussion of how the trial process might unfold. We also discuss the often difficult issue of collecting and enforcing judgment. Great representation that leads to a favourable judgement is useless if the claim is uncollectible.

Throughout the litigation process, our advice includes highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of every client’s possible case and/or defence. We do not sugarcoat clients’ cases and advise them to pursue frivolous matters, or unfairly exaggerate the client’s position if the facts don’t justify that position.

We also fully explain to the client the issue of “court costs”. Often clients may believe that, if they’re successful in their claim or defence, the other party will be responsible for reimbursing all of the money the client has had to spend on lawyers. In fact, the decision to award costs lies only with the judge hearing the matter, and even when costs are awarded to a successful litigant, the recovery doesn’t usually cover more than 50% of what the client has paid his or her lawyer. It follows that a reasoned decision to pursue or settle a matter requires an understanding of what costs might be incurred and what might be recovered at the end of the process.

We also discuss our fees. Litigation doesn’t lend itself to firm predictions of cost, but we inform our clients of our hourly rates and we carefully keep a record of the time spend on every file. To keep the client informed of the costs as they’re incurred, we make an effort to interim bill every file regularly. We will also attempt to give the client an understanding of the range of costs they might expect for each step in the litigation process.

If you would like more information regarding a civil litigation matter, please contact Randall V. Johns or Kristofer D. Evans, who would both be happy to meet with you to discuss any further questions you may have.